Collection: Calibrated Slate Tiles

Brazilian Calibrated Slate tiles have a beautifully natural riven surface, with fine & even clefts. This natural stone is strong, attractive, and easy to look after. Real slate transcends time and trend, and can be used in contemporary or traditional settings. We recommend our calibrated slate tiles for both indoor and outdoor living areas, and with a good anti-slip rating are perfect for wet areas like bathrooms, hallways, wetrooms, poolsides and kitchens.

These tiles are precision cut with clean straight edges, and can be laid with very straight grout lines, or even jointless with no grout lines. To ensure an even floor, and making the tiles easier to lay, the underside of the tile has a machine calibrated surface to ensure a consistent thickness, and are available in 10mm, 20mm or 30mm sizes. These tiles can be used to create a very clean minimal look, or can be purchased in one of our slate patterns to create the style. 

For a more rustic feeling for your floor or wall tiles, please see our Antique Brushed Slate tiles, or our Chiselled Edge Slate tiles.